New Year, New You, (& Superfoods Too)!


First off, what exactly ARE superfoods?

Superfoods are incredibly nutritious, whole foods that offer a wide arrange of essential micronutrients in high quantities, like vitamins and  minerals that we need for our bodies to run smoothly and stay disease-free.



Along with essential nutrients, superfoods can heal because they contain very potent and unique compounds beyond vitamins and minerals that protect our immune system, stop renegade cells from reproducing and even kill harmful bacteria in our guts.

These compounds like antioxidants, and healthy anti-inflammatory fats are just another reason why these foods are so super!

Some of the most beneficial ( & our favorite) superfoods are:

Goji Berries

Hemp Seeds

Maca Powder

Cacao Powder

Chia Seeds



Bee Pollen



Most superfoods also happen to be low in calories, are very easy to integrate into many diets (like low-carb, dairy free, and paleo diets) and are gluten free!

Superfoods may seem a bit pricy, but just think: when I invest in these ingredients, I am investing in myself and my future. A little bit goes a long way; once you have them stocked up in your pantry, it will encourage you to work more with these superb ingredients!

So, eating and cooking more with superfoods is one of the best decisions you can make.

Why not start this year?



Now that some of the New Years resolution talk has simmered down a bit, let’s talk about what it is that you really want this year- on a deep, intentional, self care centered level.

First of all, why does self care matter when it comes to making intentional change in our lives?
Self care is where we build the foundation for change.
When we tend to ourselves, body, mind and spirit, we create a solid foundation for change to occur. We create strength, power and a direction for that change to take shape and flourish.
Without having a strong self care game, any change you’re trying to create in your life is likely getting blocked along the way when you let the stresses of life overtake you.

In order to create any sort of profound change we have to lay that foundation first, as well as get clear on what really matters to you so that you can take baby-steps that are in alignment with your values & your spirit.

You can totally do this on your own.
But will you?

Will you take the time to get quiet, clear out old beliefs and set intentions that align with who you really are?
I get it –  life slips away from us quickly. Prioritizing this work can feel unimportant.

But in your core, you prioritizing your needs is way more important than you think.

Be well,


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